Case Study: Gulfstream Uses H5 Matter Analytics to Resolve Privilege Log Challenge


The client’s legal teams had hundreds of matters where they needed to support privilege claims within jurisdictions where the courts required a categorical privilege log. Their teams were wasting time and energy sorting through the numerous variations of names and email addresses for individuals represented on the logs and collating the information by descriptive categories instead of at the document level.


Gulfstream developed a categorical privilege log builder to help the client meet the tight court timelines and the required format.


Gulfstream’s categorical privilege log builder powered by H5 Matter Analytics name normalization outputs saved the client significant time – reducing the time its team spent on creating categorical privilege logs, in the words of Ari Mandel of Gulfstream, “from over a week to a mere 30 – 45 seconds.” As a result, the team was better equipped to confidently meet its court deadlines while saving money.

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