Records Retrieval

Records Retrieval by the Experts at Gulfstream

Thorough, accurate and timely communication is vital and quick turnaround time is a necessity for the Records Retrieval process. You’ll become accustomed to receiving both from us.

Over the years, our team has adapted our Records Retrieval processes and procedures to ensure efficiency, accuracy and cost-effectiveness without sacrificing quality. Most other record services post images of records in an online repository, but we take it a step further: OCR all records at no extra cost to ensure that your documents are easily “searchable.”

Nearly all requests are issued to the custodians within 48 hours of receipt of the order. We understand it’s critical to your case to get subpoenas out the door quickly.

Our average turnaround time for obtaining records via subpoena/deposition upon Written Questions is 23 days. Also, if a custodian requires a HIPAA-compliant authorization or Statement of Assurance, we will contact you immediately to ensure that no time is wasted.

We have minimal cancellation fees. When conducting research prior to issuance of the requests, we are often able to eliminate requests that will not produce records. For example, if you order records from an entity that turns out to be a billing service, we will inform you in advance that a request for medical records will not be necessary and consequently a cancellation fee won’t apply.

Our team of expert professionals — many who have worked with Records Retrieval for decades — provide personalized service and exceptional client support. They will get to know your case inside and out and will apply their expertise to help you save time and achieve quality results.

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Average turnaround
of 23 days

Utilization of

Advocate for
fair custodial fees

Thorough and timely

OCR processed records
for fast searchability

24-48 hour
request issuance