Gulfstream Data Records Retrieval services provide clients with a thorough, accurate and timely process to ensure project efficiency, accuracy and cost-effectiveness without sacrificing quality.  Our tenured team of records retrieval experts have decades of experience, providing personalized service and exceptional customer support to help law firms, corporations, insurance companies and other organizations achieve their goals.

Gulfstream Data Records Retrieval staff are tenured professionals who’ve honed our processes to prioritize efficiency, accuracy and cost-effectiveness while maintaining exceptional quality. Nearly all requests are dispatched to custodians within 24 hours of order receipt. Our average turnaround time for obtaining records via subpoena or authorization 23 days. If custodians require a HIPAA-compliant authorization or a Statement of Assurance, we promptly engage to expedite the process.

Through diligent pre-request research, we often identify and eliminate unnecessary requests saving clients time and money.  Gulfstream Data also provides OCR (Optical Character Recognition) services at no additional cost. 

why gulfstream DATA records retrieval services?

  • 24-48 hour request issuance
  • Average turnaround of 23 days
  • Utilization of non-orders via extensive research database
  • Advocate for fair custodial fees
  • Thorough and timely client communication
  • OCR processed records for fast searchability
  • Dedicated, experienced account manager
  • Quick response and follow-up
  • Detailed, accurate status reports
  • Customized services aligned with client needs

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