Gulfstream Data’s exemplary services are fueled via a potent blend of powerful underlying attributes that differentiate our company from the competition. Engrained in our cultural DNA, Gulfstream Data employees build genuine, long-term relationships by mastering the art and science of execution across everything we do.  From advanced project management acumen to integrated managed services, fluid collaboration, innate mentoring skills and beyond, Gulfstream Data provides clients with a continuous flow of managed momentum to keep project moving on time and within budget without sacrificing quality.


An effective eDiscovery project manager is a crucial asset for organizations. Gulfstream Data’s tenured project managers enhance case efficiency through expertise, technology implementation, task automation, reporting and consistent communication resulting in cost savings, risk reduction and project acceleration.

Gulfstream Data provides clients with a dedicated project manager as a single point of contact, ensuring personalized service and reliable support. Building a personal relationship with your project manager fosters trust and integration within your team. Additionally, we offer unique professional opportunities for our project managers, including internal training, credentials from institutions like Relativity, and a clear path for career advancement. With an average tenure exceeding 10 years, our experienced team members provide expert assistance throughout every stage of your eDiscovery cases.


Gulfstream Data’s Managed Services program is ideal for legal departments and law firms looking for a full suite of services from collections to courtroom.  Gulfstream’s dedicated team delivers scalable, secure, and customizable solutions to ensure efficient processes, cost savings and risk reduction.

  • Predictable Pricing – Building an internal eDiscovery unit is costly and demands skilled personnel, processes and technology. Offered via a data-based subscription, Gulfstream Data’s managed services, provide clients with expertise, technology and resources – all at a predictable cost.
  • Customization – Since eDiscovery isn’t one-size-fits-all, all Gulfstream Data Managed Services clients receive services custom tailored to individual needs to evolve in unison with business demands.
  • Data Security – Gulfstream Data’s hosted environment is secure and scalable, built and maintained with world-class software and technology within a certified data center with redundant power and backup.
  • Resource Flexibility – Offered in (2) resource models – infrastructure and collaboration – Gulfstream Data’s Managed Review services provide clients with maximum flexibility to evolve in parallel with client needs as business requirements change.


Gulfstream Data has mastered the art and science of collaboration between internal, client and 3rd party strategic partners to ensure matters are completed accurately, on time and within budget. From kick off meetings to final productions, Gulfstream Data streamlines the communication processes between man and machine to make projects happen.


Gulfstream Data helps clients swiftly convert raw data into actionable intelligence to proactively solve client legal challenges and optimize matter results. Balancing speed with accuracy, Gulfstream Data ensures projects gain and maintain momentum from collections to courtroom throughout all phases of eDiscovery, Records Retrieval and Court Reporting services.


Gulfstream Data balances acute listening skills with precision communication between people, process and data to ensure matter details are captured, interpreted and executed flawlessly. Gulfstream Data legal practitioners place significant emphasis on practicing and perfecting the art of listening to make sure client expectations are clear, accurate and executed.


Gulfstream Data legal practitioners are savvy technology professionals who know how to optimize hardware and software to meet and exceed project expectations. Certified across multiple technology platforms and tools, Gulfstream Data leverages best of breed technology systems while keeping up to speed on the latest innovations to help optimize project results, minimize costs and reduce timelines.


Engrained in our cultural DNA, each and every Gulfstream Data employee helps mentor clients throughout all project phases. From basic eDiscovery principles to advanced AI technologies, Gulfstream Data legal professionals play a hands-on leadership role to guide, mentor and inspire client constituents to maximize understanding and build strong, long-term relationships.


Balancing empathy with energy, Gulfstream Data employees build genuine relationships with clients to inspire excellence and produce exemplary results. Collaborating seamlessly throughout all project phases, Gulfstream Data employees become true extensions of client teams taking pride in meeting and exceeding expectations at every turn.