How to Manage Consolidation in the eDiscovery Industry

Since the dawn of eDiscovery, consolidation among companies has been a reality that every consumer of eDiscovery software and services has had to navigate (check out the list of consolidations here). Companies that acquire other eDiscovery companies frame the transaction nicely: they would like to gain market share. Presumably this is to bring their own “best”, “world-class”, and “cutting-edge” software or services to more deserving people. In reality, these companies just want to make more money.

What happens to clients when the company they use gets gobbled up by another? We’ve heard time and again from new clients escaping merged companies that the result meant chaos – and a significant drop in client service – for them. Clients felt like their needs were ignored. They faced a loss of capabilities and skills from their outside experts. The tools they use changed, along with the level of support they got when using those tools.

Merged eDiscovery companies often have differing cultures and values that do not align, and clients feel this immediately. Clients feel like the merged company does not value the personal relationships they’ve developed and rely on among staff. Consolidation is often uncomfortable for the client and forces them to buy from a company they didn’t choose themselves.

However, consolidation in eDiscovery is a reality, so clients must adapt. Perhaps this is the right time to move on from the merged group and choose a provider that better suits your needs. If your course of action is to start the selection process, please use our RFP template to help get started. It is free to use, and you can customize it to address your needs.

If you’re looking for a new eDiscovery expert, keep these six questions in mind:

  1. What is your company’s experience in the industry?
  2. How is your company investing in its eDiscovery experts?
  3. Is your security the same as or better than the security I’m leaving behind?
  4. Are your technologies the same or better than those I’ve used in the past?
  5. What level of technical support will I receive?
  6. Who will I be paired with as my project manager and what is their level of experience? Will the project manager be dedicated to my projects?

As you navigate changes in the eDiscovery industry, the best plan is to maintain relationships with several experts in the field. That way, your firm or company can pivot quickly if you suddenly find yourself working with a vendor that no longer fits your eDiscovery needs.