Relativity Fest 2018 Key Learnings: Relativity continues to be the leading platform in transforming the legal technology industry

Relativity Fest is one of the most riveting and educational events we attend each year. Our team walked away with invaluable knowledge regarding the work Relativity is putting into their product to simplify and accelerate how Gulfstream handles e-discovery related matters.

Relativity Fest 2018: Origami Theme

The theme of #RelativityFest was #Origami. The event space was filled with an abundance of intricate folds creating new shapes – most noticeably triangles. This simple yet complicated theme has the Gulfstream team eager to build upon this idea of taking something ordinary and turning it into a thing of beauty.

Relativity Fest Speakers

Relativity Fest – with their 170 plus panel discussions across three tracks, 17 workshops, breakout sessions, and hands-on exercises – gives everyone in attendance the opportunity to improve. The speakers provide inspiring new ways to look at your business and offer words for growth & knowledge.

  • Amy Cuddy, Social Psychologist and Best-Selling Author, told us how to take up more space and be “present.” It is astounding how much we as humans communicate without saying a word. Amy is a master of explaining (in laments terms) the importance of body language and how it impacts self-confidence.
  • Kimberley Motley, the First Western Litigator in Afghanistan, told us her story and her quest for what she calls “justness” in which she puts the law back in the hands of the people.
  • The 5th annual Judicial panel; U.S. District Judge Xavier Rodriguez and retired U.S. Magistrate Judge Andrew Peck returned to join moderator David Horrigan of Relativity and new leading judges to discuss the most important e-discovery legal developments of the year. The continued development of Artificial Intelligence (AI) will impact the legal industry in a big way over the coming decade. Ironically, this development will not take away jobs from attorneys but will in fact have the opposite effect.

Relativity Review

Relativity continues to be the leading platform in transforming the legal technology industry.

  • More 3rd party software providers were present than ever before & over 2000 people were in attendance.
  • More law firms are hiring internal resources to develop on top of Relativity.
  • Relativity continues to allow consumers and users to plug into their open API and stays on top of the latest hardware and software trends.

Relativity Processing

Relativity Processing continues to speed up daily operations and evolves to handle more data sources.

  • Now capable of processing multiple Terabytes a day.
  • Entity extraction.
  • Visual communication analysis to improve review of short message systems.
  • Integrated native viewing for Slack, Bloomberg Chat, and a variety of SMS systems.

Innovation Awards

Congrats to Bricker & Eckler on winning the best innovation from a law firm or corporation in 2018! When helping clients contest a petition to bring a constitutional amendment to a vote in Ohio, Bricker & Eckler developed a highly automated application to review petition signatures without leaving Relativity.

Congrats to the first ever individual award winners:

  • Tessa Jacob – Attorney Tech Evangelist of the Year
  • Joy Murao – Stellar Women in e-Discovery of the Year
  • Emma Young – Lit Support All-Star of the Year
  • Peg Gianuca – Academic Innovator of the Year

The eDiscovery industry is in transition…and it is very exciting! Changes in workflow, strategy, technology, regulations, and pricing structures are abundant and were all presented at Relativity Fest 2018. It is Gulfstream’s goal to stay at the forefront of these changes and assist our clients as we all move into the future together. Contact us today if you would like more information on our service offerings.