New Technological Advancements to our eDiscovery Offering Improve Security and Efficiency

Over the past few months, new features and functionality to our offering have become available that give clients the most efficient eDiscovery experience possible. Read on to learn about the latest improvements.

Better Manage All Document Reviews

We have heard from clients that it can be difficult to manage document review progress across all projects and workspaces. Discovery Master addresses those concerns. This new feature is a single source of truth that monitors every document review project in Relativity within a single user interface.

Discovery Master allows project managers to focus on efficiently creating high-quality work product. They no longer need to run saved searches, send links and compile QC stats to distribute via Excel. Sensitive documents can now be kept securely in Relativity by using quick launch tiles instead of extracting and distributing them. Project managers can track entire workspaces or select batch sets to monitor. Finally, quick-launch tiles and visual reports can now be tied to any document object field in Relativity.

Secure Sensitive Data in Remote Review  

With many people working from home, remote review has created some vulnerabilities for exposure of sensitive client information. To address these vulnerabilities, feature called CertainID has been added, which uses biometric technology to provide additional security layers. Biometric access verification prevents unauthorized users from viewing sensitive data. Users are forced to logout if a phone camera or unauthorized facial recognition is detected. It offers customizable privacy consent for biometric data, a custom watermark across user screens, and blocks actions like screensharing, downloading and copying files.

These new features will allow review teams to continue to work remotely with the confidence that client data will not be exposed to security threats.

Reuse Work Product to Reduce Costs

Legal departments – and their outside law firms – are often working off a single document repository for multiple matters. Another new feature, called TagSync, allows review teams to retain and reuse work product from one project to another within Relativity, which maintains consistency and reduces costs.

TagSync gives users the ability to choose from multiple field criteria for optimal file matching, copy work product from field data to multiple workspaces, and retain multiple coding calls on individual documents.

To learn more about these features, designed to improve security, efficiency, and work product, contact your Gulfstream Legal project manager or