Peter Strange’s Journey to Becoming a Relativity Master

This past month, Gulfstream Legal Group Senior Project Manager Peter Strange earned the Relativity Master certification. This is currently the highest level available among the Relativity certifications and required Peter to earn the Relativity Certified Administrator certification (which involved 70+ hours of study!) and four specialist certifications (Peter earned six – read on).

We are extremely proud of Peter earning this designation and recently chatted with him about his journey to becoming a Relativity Master.

Gulfstream: What is your background in the eDiscovery industry?

Peter: When I first started out, I had no idea what eDiscovery was. My first job was as an administrative assistant for an eDiscovery company 15 years ago. My love for building computers and playing with software encouraged me to investigate. Over time, I learned what was going on and pushed to be introduced to the process. Starting off as a technician I worked my way through the ranks to Hosting Platform Director. It was all these different roles that have helped me become the project manager I am today.

Gulfstream: What do you personally value about becoming a Relativity Master?

Peter: The Relativity Master title gives me a sense of accomplishment. It took me several years to find time to take all the tests required, but I stuck with it and achieved my goal.

Gulfstream: What value does you earning the Relativity Master certification bring to clients?

Peter: The Master’s certification is like a driver’s license. You don’t have to have a license to drive a vehicle (though illegal), but with a license, you validate to the person you are borrowing the car from that you know how to drive. When working with client’s data, the Master title in my signature block will assure them that I know how to handle their data.

Gulfstream: Tell us about your journey to earning the Relativity Master certification.

Peter: I took most of my exams when they were free at Relativity Fest. This was a good way to spread them out over time and save money. In the beginning, the certifications were needed to get Best in Service for the Relativity environment. This was the Relativity Certificated Administrator and Relativity Certified Sales Professional designations. The other exams were taken to get Expert and Master status.

  • Relativity Certified Administrator
  • Relativity Project Management Specialist
  • Relativity Analytics Specialist
  • Relativity Processing Specialist
  • Relativity Review Management Specialist
  • Relativity Certified Sales Pro
  • RelativityOne Certified Pro
  • RelativityOne Review Pro

Gulfstream: Now that you’ve achieved this certification, what’s next for you?

Peter: I believe in continuing education, so I will keep pushing to learn more every day. My next goal will be to get my CEDS certification.

Gulfstream: Tell us one interesting fact you learned that you wouldn’t have learned without studying for these certifications.

Peter: I didn’t learn this during studying, but after I achieved my Relativity Master Certification. There are some amazing perks to being a Relativity Master. I’m not going into details, but I encourage all to go for this certification and wish them the best.

Congratulations, Peter! Connect with him on LinkedIn.