Our Top 5 Most-Read Blogs in 2021

This is the week for posting end-of-year wrap-up stories and top 5 lists, and we want a piece of the action. In 2021, the experts at Gulfstream Legal Group renewed our focus on providing advice on topics of importance to legal professionals. You may have noticed with the increased number of blogs we wrote and posted to our website. We hope you have found the content we’ve provided this year to be useful.

Below, we count down the most-read blogs of this past year.

Number 5 – Public Cloud vs. Private Cloud and Why it Matters to eDiscovery: This post from May explained the difference between various types of cloud environments and why law firms and legal departments should take notice, especially when working with data that belongs to someone else.

Number 4 – Gulfstream Legal Group Reports Record Growth in 2020: We were surprised this post from March made the top 5 list. Gulfstream Legal Group had a very successful 2020 with record growth in both our Records Retrieval and eDiscovery service lines. Our success came about because of several improvements we made, and we’re glad you cared enough to read our news!

Number 3 – Yours for the Taking: Free eDiscovery RFP Template: This year we noticed a huge gap in the availability of standardized information that should be included in an RFP for eDiscovery services. Since we’ve responded to so many over the years, we felt we had a good handle on what makes a good RFP. We decided to create a free tool for any legal professional to use and make their own. Find it here if you haven’t already.

Number 2 – Seven Factors That Make a Great Records Retrieval Company: Not all Records Retrieval companies are the same, and Gulfstream Legal prides itself on being a cut above the others here in Texas. In this blog, we highlight some of the things that make for a great records partner. If your provider isn’t cutting it on these seven factors, it might be time to make a switch.

Number 1 – The Importance of Data Security in the eDiscovery Process: Every month, this post from April continues to have readers clicking and reading, telling us that legal professionals continue to be concerned with data security in eDiscovery. The post highlights the world-class security our Tier 5® Platinum data center in Nevada employs.

Our commitment to providing education on the topics of eDiscovery and Records Retrieval will continue into 2022. Please check back to our blog weekly for news and information and follow our LinkedIn and Twitter feeds for notifications of new posts.