Happy 25th Gulfstream Anniversary, Charles Beresky!

Gulfstream Legal Group’s Senior Account Manager Charles Beresky is celebrating 25 years with the company this fall, a remarkable achievement given the average tenure of employees in the U.S. is just 4.1 years! (Bureau of Labor Statistics)

Charles started his career working at a law firm for four years while attending Lamar University in Beaumont, TX. After graduating college with a BBA in Marketing, he started working with Ridgeways, a predecessor to Gulfstream Legal Group. He estimates he has helped clients with more than 100,000 record requests over the years.

We recently chatted with Charles as he reflected on his 25-year career with Gulfstream. Read his insights on his tenured experience:

What qualities does Gulfstream offer that made you stay so long?

The leadership team at Gulfstream has strong relationships with their employees and offer open communication so we always know where we stand. The company has consistently maintained high business quality standards, which makes it easy for me to represent it to my clients. I feel like we are offering the best possible service in the industry. We also have excellent customer service, which has led to an outstanding reputation in the industry.

How have you grown professionally while working at Gulfstream?

I started as a customer service representative and then transitioned into an account manager role, which has helped me better understand the need for client support at every step of the records retrieval process. I’ve dealt with the many changes in the industry (copy/scanning moving to the digital/technology side), which has given me a broad perspective for client needs. This is one of the hardest industries to be in but very rewarding if you put in the time. I have built so many great relationships in the industry, which has helped me grow professionally.

What professional organizations do you belong to?

I belong to the Houston Young Lawyers Association (HYLA), Houston Bar Association (HBA), and Houston Paralegal Association (HPA). These organizations have helped me learn and grow in the industry over the years and have provided me with valuable networking opportunities.

What do your clients say about you?

I don’t know … you’ll have to ask them!

Well Charles, we did, and here’s what they had to say!

“Charles Beresky is my go-to resource for a wide variety of legal projects. If he doesn’t have the solution, he will go the extra mile to find one. Knowing I can always count on him definitely makes my job easier. Fortunate to know Charles now for over 15 years. He is a real super star!! It is no wonder he is an honored member of Gulfstream Legal Group.” – Adina Ross, Paralegal, Gieger Laborde & Laperouse LLC.

“I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Charles over the last 15 years. He is absolutely one of the very best people I have ever worked with in this business. Charles knows what I need on my case even before I do. I consider him as much a member of my team as anyone. He is the BEST!” – Andrea Eisenman, Paralegal, Adams and Reese LLP

“I’ve known Charles since 2012 when he was handling records orders for the firm I was at during that time. Since then, I have continued to reach out to him whenever I need anything litigation-related: copies, trial boards, records and e-discovery. Not only do I enjoy visiting with Charles (I call him my brother-from-another-mother), I trust him.

“He has never failed to help me out in all these areas (and more), including making me laugh when tensions are high.

The people at Gulfstream are the BEST.” – Nancy, Paralegal, Houston-based law firm

Finally, Charles, we asked what your boss says about you:

“Charles is a seasoned sales professional with an impressive 25-year tenure with Gulfstream Legal. Throughout this career, he has consistently demonstrated a remarkable ability to build strong relationships with clients and exceed sales targets. Charles’s extensive experience has honed his expertise in identifying client needs and crafting tailored solutions. His understanding of industry trends allows him to adapt his strategies and stay ahead of the competition. Known for his interpersonal skills, Charles effortlessly conveys the value of his services, instilling confidence in his clients. With his unwavering dedication, professionalism, and wealth of knowledge, Charles has become a driving force behind Gulfstream’s success.” – Joe Swingle, President, Gulfstream Legal Group

Congratulations, Charles, on your great run! Thanks for your 25 years of service to Gulfstream’s clients!