Gulfstream Legal Group Reports Record Growth in 2020

Today we were pleased to report record growth in sales for 2020, increased new clients and staff additions and promotions to support company growth. In 2020, we experienced a 13% increase in the Records Retrieval service line revenue and an 8% increase in eDiscovery revenue. We attribute this growth to new technology, improved client service and the expertise of our long-tenured staff.

“Despite the challenges of a COVID-19 world in 2020, Gulfstream professionals were able to help more than 500 clients more efficiently and effectively handle their eDiscovery and Records Retrieval request needs,” said Joe Swingle, President of Gulfstream, in the press release issued today. “Our exceptional team has an average tenure of more than 10 years with Gulfstream. They are loyal to our clients and the company, and they were able to weather the challenges COVID-19 presented to operations to provide better service than, I believe, we’ve ever provided.”

The considerable growth in our Records Retrieval services comes because of the improved turnaround time on records requests. Our team averages 23 days to process requests, so records to support client matters can be reviewed and searched faster than ever before. With expedited service, we can now handle more records requests for more clients. This growth prompted the promotion of Patricia Schleppy and Nichole Royston to Senior Client Account Managers to support clients in 2020 and beyond.

The 8% increase in eDiscovery revenue is a result of increased efforts to improve upon the company’s exemplary responsiveness, new software that increases clients’ efficiency when reviewing data, a new and highly secure data center and a more robust managed services offering. As a result of the increased business, we hired additional project managers and ESI analysts in 2020 to help provide efficient and exemplary service to our clients.

We expect record growth to continue in the year ahead as a result of increased market penetration, more retained clients and new software rollouts expected soon. We plan to update software in anticipation of client needs and also will solicit requests for improvements from our client base.