Gulfstream Legal Group Launches Master Tools to Improve eDiscovery Workflows and Efficiency

Today we announce the launch of the first two of our Master Tools products, created to help ease eDiscovery workflows and improve overall efficiency. Priv Log Master saves time by automatically extracting and populating privilege log fields with critical document information from email threads. DAT Master allows users to review the contents of load files directly and effortlessly, such as DAT files, without any specialized tools or data conversion.

“These new tools came at the request of a client and the development team here at Gulfstream Legal knew they could build what they needed to improve overall experience and efficiency in the eDiscovery process,” says Joe Swingle, president of Gulfstream. “These tools cut what would have been an hours-long process to just minutes, saving the client time and money. We will continue to build tools off a client request, or when we see an opportunity to fill a hole in the market.”

PrivLog Master streamlines the privilege log quality control process by automating the extraction and organization of critical document information from email-threaded documents. This information includes authors, recipients, dates, and other relevant data, which is then seamlessly placed into designated privilege review fields. It is tightly integrated with Relativity, which ensures seamless data transfer and offers a familiar interface for users.

DAT Master simplifies the review process of load files, such as DAT files, received during document transfers, productions, or exports. It enables users to review the contents of these load files seamlessly and efficiently without specialized software or the conversion of data into a different format. It simplifies the validation process by presenting load file data in an easily understandable format.

Additional tools to create efficiencies in eDiscovery will be released in the coming months. Interested professionals can contact Gulfstream Legal at for a demonstration of these new tools.