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Gain Efficiencies in eDiscovery Processes With Gulfstream

Gulfstream’s eDiscovery services help clients identify, analyze, and reduce the volume of data and eliminate irrelevant file types. This dramatically reduces the cost of discovery by limiting the amount of required processing and document review.

The volume of documents associated with legal matters is rapidly increasing and has become an unwieldy challenge for those people who must securely find, manage and produce that information, and the prepare it for litigation, regulatory matters or other uses.

Our eDiscovery experts work with you to develop flexible workflows that can be adapted and improved quickly and will know your matters inside and out. We provide personalized service and exceptional client support.

Our cutting-edge infrastructure with industry-leading security provides software that is always available and supports the entire EDRM. Contact us now to talk about your specific project.


Maintain defensible collections, evidence integrity and chain of custody with Gulfstream’s digital forensics team. Many Gulfstream clients utilize our complete forensic services, both onsite and remote collections. Collected data is preserved in a forensically sound manner and is verifiable at any time in the future.


Process data accurately, quickly, and securely. Processing is tightly integrated into our hosting solution, so you can process, analyze, and review data without moving between systems. A straightforward workflow lets you process native files and quickly prepare them for review.


Save money, reduce time, increase consistency and make the process of understanding data easier. Visualize patterns in your data, investigate trends, and make smarter decisions with a full range of data analytics features.



Reliable, secure, scalable hosting solutions. Our hosting provides everything you need to tackle your document review and production challenges, from the smallest to the most complex projects. Get the control and flexibility you need to design workflows and solutions that amplify your team’s efforts and get to the real substance of a matter.

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