What to Look for When Seeking an eDiscovery Managed Services Provider

Let’s say your firm or legal department has already bought into the many benefits of using a managed service provider for eDiscovery. You are ready to make the change and start shopping around for a qualified provider. But where do you start? There are many providers that are highly qualified, and many more that claim they are. How do you know how to select the right one? (If you’re a step behind us in your process, not to worry! We recently blogged about the top advantages of managed services contracts, including predictable pricing, expertise, scalability and more.)

Choosing the right provider for eDiscovery managed services is equally important to, if not more important, than negotiating the right contract. You want to find a provider you like and trust for this long-term partnership, one that will do right by you and your clients every day. When seeking the right provider, look for the following:

  1. Experience. Interview several companies and then pick a provider with years of eDiscovery experience that will rely on best practices learned and developed over time. This experience will benefit your firm because your provider should be able to apply technology, workflows and techniques to help increase the efficiency and improve results of your eDiscovery projects.
  2. Investment. Pick a provider with experienced staff who care about helping you achieve your goals when it comes to improving eDiscovery. A managed services contract is a long-term relationship, with agreements usually lasting a year or more. Make sure you meet and get to know the team that will be responsible for your firm’s day-to-day eDiscovery, not just the salesperson selling you the contract.
  3. Staff. Your project manager will be your day-to-day contact, and you will be talking with this person every day. Choose a provider that can offer you an experienced and dedicated project manager with a consultant mindset. Your project manager will be the one responsible for making sure you have the right technology for the project, applying the workflows to get your project done efficiently, keeping you apprised of project status and working with you should a problem arise.
  4. Technology. Discovery technology comes in all shapes and forms, and selecting the type to use can be confusing. By employing an eDiscovery managed services provider, you can take the guesswork out of the technology selection process. Choose a provider that employs advanced technology that can help you manage eDiscovery efficiently and effectively.
  5. Security. There are inherent risks in managing your clients’ or company’s data today, and attorneys have a duty to take measures to protect that data. Select a provider that can offer world-class security to safeguard your clients’ or corporation’s data and reduce risk.

Selecting an eDiscovery managed services provider requires careful consideration for this long-term relationship, but it does not have to be difficult. Once you have made the commitment, prepare for your eDiscovery to become easier and more manageable. Learn more about Gulfstream’s Managed Services now.