Three Warning Signs That It’s Time To Change Records Retrieval Vendors

Old habits die hard, and that includes sticking with a records retrieval vendor that may no longer be providing you with quality work-product in a satisfactory time and at a reasonable cost. This includes “preferred” partnerships with records retrieval vendors that your firm’s insurance carriers have asked you to use. Unfortunately for your law firm, this may mean having to endure a quality of work product that is not up to the firm’s usual standards. You DO have other options, even if your insurance carriers have preferred relationships.

Here are some of the warning signs you should look for when evaluating whether it is time to move to a new records retrieval vendor.

  • Turnaround time on requests. Do your current vendors follow up when additional information is required to complete your requests? Are they following up with emails or efaxes? Your records vendor should be following up with a phone call to obtain additional information, which will ensure your request is handled faster. Our average turnaround time for obtaining records via subpoena/deposition upon Written Questions is 23 days. Also, if a custodian requires a HIPAA-compliant authorization or Statement of Assurance, we contact you immediately so no time is wasted.
  • Pricing. Even though the pricing of some line items on an invoice may be less with a “preferred” vendor or with the vendor you’ve always used, it is important to look at the overall invoice cost.  Many record companies offer lower pricing on line items such as the Subpoena – Issuing of the Request. Per-page costs and additional line items are added that result in minimal or no savings to the overall invoice.  Give a past invoice to the new vendors you are evaluating and ask for a cost comparison.
  • Cost of not receiving records with the required timeframe. Saving $10 on the Subpoena – Issuing of the Request pales in comparison to the cost the clients can incur when a settlement or court date is scheduled without all the applicable records. Your records retrieval experts should have the resources and know-how to obtain the records you need within the deadline.

Hidden costs and subpar work product combined with the risk of not receiving records in a timely manner are signs that it is time to evaluate new records retrieval vendors. Law firm professionals should use the records retrieval vendor that will provide the best possible results for their clients.