New Relativity Analytics Offering Accelerates Review for eDiscovery Clients

We’re excited to announce the availability of Relativity Analytics! This technology will allow our eDiscovery clients to add new and more accurate automations to categorize documents, reduce document review time and increase productivity. We think the Relativity Analytics tools are game changers because you’ll look at fewer documents and spend less time with each responsive document for every review project.

The features of Relativity Analytics are easy to use, highly accurate in their results and speed review. They will help you provide better work product to your end clients and stakeholders.

New data analysis features in Relativity Analytics help you easily analyze people, terms and concepts. They’ll also help eliminate irrelevant information from the start of the case. Easy-to-use dashboards and reporting streamline access to information throughout the life cycle of a case.

Relativity Analytics offers two options for active learning: Prioritized Review and Coverage Review. With Prioritized Review, you’ll be able to quickly identify and review the most relevant documents. It is best for a standard request for production or privilege review. Coverage Review quickly separates documents into responsive and nonresponsive categories. It is best applied for quick productions when you need to train the active learning model as quickly as possible.

With Relativity Analytics, you’ll be able to work smarter and faster on every production. These tools help identify hot documents, privilege documents prior to production and unknown relevant terms by analyzing content based on concept. They have the power to impact the bottom line when it comes to eDiscovery review.

Contact your Gulfstream Account Manager to start using Relativity Analytics today.