About Gulfstream Legal


Joseph Swingle

President & CEO

President and CEO of Gulfstream Legal Group, LLC., a full-service litigation support company offering solutions in ESI, Hosting, Records Retrieval, Court Reporting, and Document Services. Executive Vice-President of Priest River, Ltd., a private equity partnership with companies in manufacturing, commercial printing, and litigation support (RLS/Gulfstream and LIT Group).

Family owned partnership has conducted business in Houston for over 85 years with 25+ years in litigation support. Joe has 15 years of sales and operations experience in litigation support industry, last 12 years with Gulfstream (formerly RLS Legal Solutions) and Priest River.

Ryan Rhodes
VP of Business Development

Ryan Rhodes currently serves as the National Director of Client Services with Gulfstream Legal. Rhodes has worked in the legal industry for over nine years and has been involved with various aspects of the vendor side. He started off as an imaging director in late 2001, then moved to a General Manager role shortly after. While running a local Miami facility, Rhodes doubled as a Project Manager for multiple large litigation cases across the country. During this stint he transferred back to Houston, TX, where he expanded his knowledge about the eDiscovery world and assisted with software development for a high end processing application. This work helped Rhodes to quickly become a knowledge base for electronic data matters. Rhodes recently completed his fifth year as a Sales Engineer / Consultant role.

Rhodes also has become a certified trainer of Kcura’s Relativity. Before entering the legal technology space, Rhodes was owner of a successful web development company. Rhodes is also a graduate of Texas A&M University with a B.A. in Business Administration.

Ari Mandel
Vice President of Discovery Services

Ariyah Mandel has over 20 years of experience in the legal industry providing strategies and support to Attorneys, IT, Litigation Support and corporate clients.

He has worked in well-known law firms and internationally recognized corporations. Ariyah has worked on well over 100 electronic discovery cases gaining extensive hands-on experience conducting document evidence preservation, collection and computer forensics for document review and productions in complex litigation matters.

As a developer by training he has been responsible for the development and implementation of technology to better leverage case and matter strategies to clients’ best advantage in both litigations and investigations.

Learn why Global 1000 corporations and their outside
counsel rely on GulfStream for their mission-critical legal needs.

The volume and complexity of projects are growing exponentially in organizations at a time when our client’s world is becoming increasingly concerned with compliance, transparency and risk mitigation. Stakeholders are demanding 24/7 access to relevant project management information and self-service portals. Project and Operations management content has become both an asset and a liability. Gulfstream Legal Group leverages people and technology to meet business continuity and corporate governance requirements for making business content traceable, secure and auditable.

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