Our Top 5 Most-Read Blogs in 2021

This is the week for posting end-of-year wrap-up stories and top 5 lists, and we want a piece of the action. In 2021, the experts at Gulfstream Legal Group renewed our focus on providing advice on topics of importance to legal professionals. You may have noticed with the increased number of blogs we wrote and … Read more

Peter Strange’s Journey to Becoming a Relativity Master

This past month, Gulfstream Legal Group Senior Project Manager Peter Strange earned the Relativity Master certification. This is currently the highest level available among the Relativity certifications and required Peter to earn the Relativity Certified Administrator certification (which involved 70+ hours of study!) and four specialist certifications (Peter earned six – read on). We are extremely proud … Read more

Top 9 End of Year Record Retrieval Tips

As the end of the 4th quarter quickly approaches, now is an ideal time to think about improving your Record Retrieval process. Here are our top 9 record retrieval ideas that you can start implementing to improve client satisfaction and lower costs. As 2021 comes to a close, take time to evaluate your current Records Retrieval … Read more