Best Practices for Handling Special Data in eDiscovery

Special data – like Slack chats, Zoom meeting recordings and emojis – have increasingly shown up in eDiscovery over the past two years. The increase coincides with the switch to remote work forced by the worldwide pandemic. With more organizations staying with remote-only work or a hybrid model, this special data will continue to be … Read more

Stepping Up Security in the Legal Industry

By the time you finish reading this blog, at least three successful cyberattacks will have happened, and an unknown number will have been attempted. Around the world, a data breach happens every 39 seconds – across all industries and impacting individuals as well. While these numbers reflect worldwide cybercrime, the threat is still hitting close … Read more

4 Tips to Improve Medical Records Retrieval Rates

Medical records play a vital role in legal cases and insurance claims. Certain practice areas are dependent on the information they contain so it is vital to have a fast, secure, and reliable way of retrieving them. If the process is not handled correctly, it can result in regulatory non-compliance. There are ways to reduce … Read more